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Unleash your body's full potential



Developed in Finland the all new electrically localised cryotherapy device by Cryotech Nordic that brings cryotherapy for the first time to anywhere and everyone within reach.

  • compact, easy to use and safe device, which uses electrically powered cooling unit, making it mobile and independent from other energy sources.

  • The cooling unit does not require liquid nitrogen or CO2, so it can be used practically anywhere where standard electricity is available.

  • Almost any part of the body can be treated with localised cryotherapy. Due to the unique design of the treatment applicators, areas like the knees, ankles, elbows, wrists, neck and even face can be treated fast and efficiently. 


reduces swelling, liquid retention, joint pain, inflammations of all kind, and improves blood flow and circulation which promotes lymphatic drainage and detoxifies.


accelerates recovery from injuries and medical operations. Relief for chronic pains and arthritis. Natural substitute for pain medication and cortisone injections.


reverses signs of ageing, increases collagen production and provides efficient healing of variety of skin disorders. Cryo facials are also ideal for reducing puffiness, sagging skin and acne. 


accelerates muscle recovery, reduces lactic acid and improves muscle mobility and overall elasticity. Helps with all sports injuries, back, neck and shoulder pains, sprains, strains and other soft tissue pains. 


Fast & easy relief for almost anything!

In addition the X°Cryo™ helps with stress-induced headaches, migraines, local inflammation and fungal-based skin disorders.

Leena, 28

I suffer from frequent migraines and got immediate relief in only 3 minutes!

Kirsi, 51

My shoulder plate was badly stuck and there was a very painful bump. After just 4 minutes the bump reduced half its size and I gained my shoulder movement back. 

Hannu, 58

Years of being an athlete my knee began to cause me discomfort everyday. Weekly treatments have allowed me to remain pain-free and I am able to continue my hobbies such as golf.

Maria, 41

After a long commute and return flight, I tried the X°Cryo™ facial mask. Less than two minutes of treatment time and already I feel more awake, fresh and energised.